Who we are.

Whisper it Loud is a Kingdom business, conceived to help the Kingdom of God express itself in this new digital age and was brought to life out of a desire to equip churches and individuals with affordable products, services, and support in the design, audio/visual arena.
Katie, Grayson, and Chad Frey

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Our History

Katie Frey along with Chad ( only her fiance at the time ) started Whisper it Loud in 2006 as a University of Evansville School of Business project and was originally focused on screen printing apparel. They began noticing both the needs and opportunity within the church at large to adapt and convey the gospel message of Jesus Christ to this generation in a completely different format than it had become accustomed to in the past, and the lack of cost-effective and mission-minded resources aimed at those issues, which pushed them to pursue avenues of education and hands-on experience in these areas.

Chad grew up around his family playing instruments, singing & writing songs, and leading worship in church,  so naturally, he pursued music as well, played and led worship in church bands, and played in school music programs. He was also very interested in A/V and served on the audio & video production teams at his church, and took video & communication classes all 4 years of high school, learning how to write, direct, shoot and edit as well as lighting and capturing audio. In his junior year, Chad began working for a Christian event production company, in order to gain experience in sound, lighting, and video. In college, Chad studied Graphic & Web Design which lead him into jobs with advertising agencies and apparel decoration companies, and audio/visual production companies.

In 2009, a new church was launched by Chad’s childhood Pastor, called The Gathering, and he became their Worship & Creative Pastor, and has been serving in that role ever since.  In this role, Chad has designed audio/visual systems and built and equipped teams of volunteers to man these areas of service and outreach.

As of 2017, Chad and his wife were blessed with a son, now almost 2, and in that transition, as a family, they also feel the nudge that they need to lean in further to the opportunities God is presenting to help expand and equip his kingdom.